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*I can only accept a limited number of orders as I have travel projects for the end of August to a very unknown time!*
All custom orders will be shipped before the end of August.

♡ ♡ ♡

If you have not found your hapiness in the ready-to-wear items listed on the store or you would like to have the matching piece to an outfit, I can make it for you at your size and colors!

I am happy to dress all body shapes ! 
I will ask you some of your measurements (centimeters and inches).
If you want to choose colors but you do not need special sizing you can also order the outfits in X-Small to X-Large.

Fabrics and materials I use can be found on the color chart page.
It will give you an idea of the colors I can use but I may have to offer you other options.
I have more fabrics in stock that I never listed so if you see a fabric on a piece I made you would like for your outfit, tell me!

Some of my designs can be directly ordered via this listing.
Do not forget to add the "SHIPPING" listing to your cart!
I will get back to you for the colors and measurements!
If there is any constraint (time, specific color...) please contact me before buying.

If you would like to order an other design (if it is not listed on the shop, it may still be available), feel free to contact me.

♡Please contact me via the contact form or send a mail to for ordering or for a price quote describing your outfit project, with colors and if there is a deadline for it.

♡ ♡ ♡

Please note that I only make clothes I designed, I do not work from a drawing or anything else for the moment but I can slightly alter my design (with a different cut-out outline for example).