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Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡

  • Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡
  • Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡
  • Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡
  • Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡
  • Baby Bunny 2pcs set ♡S♡
To my customers living in the UK
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Set that includes a top and a skirt in size Small ♡

Baby Doll shrug
♡ Short top made with bubblegum pink shiny vinyl and lilac faux fur
♡ Violet holographic heart bow with clear rainbow glitters plastic inside
♡ Fully zipped on the back
♡ Length on the front ~ 22cm / 8.7in
on the back ~ 32cm / 12.6in

Baby Bunny skirt
♡ High-waist skirt made in lilac, soft pink, bubblegum pink and candy pink shiny stretchy vinyl
♡ A glittery pastel lilac bunny designed by Miss JediFlip <3
♡ Stretchy waistband with a fluffy lilac center piece
♡ Decorated with pastel baby blue buttons and iridescent blue lace
♡ Fully zipped in the back
♡ Waist ~ 66cm / 26in
♡ Length ~ 41cm / 16.1in

France : 5€
European Union & UK : 13€ + 3€ with an other item
Rest of the World : 25€ + 5€ with an other item